Quiz on Blasphemy (Updated 11/4/14)

May 5th and 6th there were deadly riots in a country where many people want the death penalty to punish blasphemy. The country was:

a Paraguay;

b Bangladesh;

c Estonia;

d  Laos;

e None of the above.


11/4/14   In the week preceding, a mob burned alive a young laborer and his pregnant wife after accusing them of blasphemy. This even took place in:

a Pakistan;

b  Congo;

c   El Salvador;

d  Slovakia;

e None of the above.


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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16 Responses to Quiz on Blasphemy (Updated 11/4/14)

  1. Bruce says:

    The answer is: B. Bangladesh
    In particular, the death penalty would be applied to anyone found guilty of defaming Islam. Commit blasphemy against the religion of peace and die!
    Hifizat, the group that is demanding the law also wants mandatory religious education. Hillary’s not doing anything these days, maybe she could go there and pour oil on the water. She could use her powerful leadership techniques to get them to see the light on gender equality as well.

    • Bruce: You are spoiling my game! In the future, you are excluded from any quiz I post on-line. That quiz was not for you, of course. I am always in a teaching mode. In this case, it was small opportunity to open eyes among my Paulista libertarian friends who insist that there is no more association between Islam and violence than there is between, say, Congregationalism and violence. Listen to their silence!

      • Perhaps the silence has more to do with the fact that this place has turned into an echo chamber for crackpots and incompetents. As it turns out, we’ve already had the “myth of Islam’s penchant for violence debate” on this blog.

        Here is how the dialogue went:

        Rational readers: A political group in Bangladesh is agitating for blasphemy laws? *yawn* If Islam is inherently violent, how come there are no blasphemy laws currently in place?

        Echo Chamber: You are blind and dogmatic.

        NotesOnLiberty, a blogging consortium Dr J generously contributes to, has produced a much more vibrant discussion about Islam and Islamism over the past year and half (if I do say so myself!). You can find a lot of the discussion here. Many of the discussions have been initiated by Dr J himself, but unlike the echo chamber here, there are a number of viewpoints espoused.

      • Brandon: We certainly had the debate. It showed that you understand only imperfectly the idea of a confirmation bias. I did not invent the events in Bangladesh. If my fact gathering is biased (hence suffering from a “confirmation bias”) one would hope that someone like you would say something like this:”OK, the correct answer in this case is Muslim Bangladesh. But, the same or worse has happened recently in….”
        You have done nothing of the kind except to point to anti-blasphemy laws in Russia punishable by a fine. (death penalty, fine: same old thing!)

        If my memory is at fault, please, reproduce her in a comment how you address the issue better. Please, try to do it without commentary. The point is to correct the selective bias you allege presides over my statements such as the present quiz.

      • If Islam is inherently violent, how come there are no blasphemy laws currently on the books in Bangladesh?

      • There are blasphemy laws in Bangladesh although the country is still governed to an extent with the benefits of the old colonialist English law. The current riots are about the fact that such laws do not include a death penalty. (Yes, that’s outrageous!)

        You need go no further than your friendly Wiki store to figure this out:

        “Under Section 295A of Bangladesh’s Penal Code (1860), any person who has a “deliberate” or “malicious” intention of “hurting religious sentiments” is liable to imprisonment.[4]

        Under clauses 99(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) of The Code of Criminal Procedure, “the government may confiscate all copies of a newspaper if it publishes anything subversive of the state or provoking an uprising or anything that creates enmity and hatred among the citizens or denigrates religious beliefs. The magistrate can send police with a warrant to the place where these newspapers are found. The aggrieved person can take the matter to the notice of the high court.” Under clause 108, “a magistrate can ask for an undertaking from a person who has made an attempt to express anything seditious or create class-conflict.” Clause 144 allows a magistrate to forbid a journalist from going to his place of work.[4]

        In 1993, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Secretary General of the Jamaat i Islami—the largest Bangladeshi Islamic party, tabled in Parliament a “blasphemy bill.” Modeled on existing Pakistani laws, the bill proposed to add to the Penal Code two sections: 295B and 295C. Section 295B would have created the new offence of “insult to the Quran,” and would have had a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Section 295C would have created the new offence of “insult to the Prophet,” and would have had a maximum sentence of death.[8]

        In 2004, a private member’s bill, which was never tabled in Parliament, proposed that any speech, or gesture, by words or otherwise, or any picture, film or artwork, or behavior, which insults any religion, or which insults the Quran, the Sunnah, or Sharia would be punishable by two years’ imprisonment.[8]

        In December 2008, Jamaat i Islami promised, if elected to govern, to introduce a “blasphemy law” like Pakistan’s.[9]”

        Whenever Finns riot in the streets demanding the death penalty for insults to Martin Luther, don’t forget to let me know. Or, Botswanans, for that matter.

      • Sooooo…there are blasphemy laws in Bangladesh that are akin to blasphemy laws in Russia and some counties in Alabama.

        Therefore, Islam is inherently violent.

      • Is anyone in Russia or in Alabama rioting in a rage, and killing cops because the blasphemy laws don’t include the death penalty?

        I don’t know if you are doing it on purpose of if your logic is really that faulty.

        Tell us more about blasphemy laws in Alabama. That’s interesting if it’s true.

  2. Brandon: Do you know what “tabling ” means in English English usage? (That ‘s in reference to your latest copy an paste.)

    You have ignored my question about anyone else rioting to demand death penalty for blasphemy. Why?

    Alabama blasphemy laws or ordinances?

    Logic lesson (again, my patience knows no limits):

    There are 500 serious dog bites of humans in the US each year. Of those, 460 are done by pit-bulls. All other breeds of dogs together account for 40 dog bites each year. 95 % of all pit-bulls never bit anyone and will never bite anyone in their lives.

    In this( made-up example), there is a strong association between the fact of a dog being a pit-bull and its biting humans.

    T F

    • Thanks for the lesson in logic. Since you are obviously more logical than I am, perhaps you can help to explain the logic in this argument:

      There are blasphemy laws in Bangladesh that are akin to blasphemy laws in Russia and some counties in Alabama.

      Therefore, Islam is inherently violent.

      Try not to avoid teaching me a lesson in logic by engaging in red herrings (“Alabama”).

      • Unavoidable lesson in logic: Alabama’s alleged blasphemy laws (rules, ordinances) cannot by my red herring since it was you who brought the subject up.

        By the way, I found your allegation fascinating. I hope it’s true. I am still awaiting some evidence that it’s true.

        I have already answered your question.

        And why can’t you answer my T/F question? This is downright strange.

      • Jesus Christ.


        None whatsoever. You are making stuff up in your mind, and I am arguing with your imagination.

        I’m well-aware of the fact that religion is the opiate of the masses. However, like other drugs, the worst possible thing you could do is try to ban it, snuff it out or attack the perceived source.

        Crackpots like you and Bruce the Brave are out of your minds if you think that, because an extremely small percentage of Bangladeshis are calling for the death penalty to stop blasphemy, “the Muslims” are somehow coming for us. That is batshit insane, and again helps to explain why this place has turned in echo chamber of lunacy rather than a place of learning and exchange of ideas.

        PS: remember when you advocated bombing the Assad regime because it might (might) have chemical weapons (like the Hussein regime)? Do you remember that Dr J? I do. You just said so the other day. Less than two weeks ago. You are so sure of your knowledge in the region that you actually advocated using a foreign military force to inject itself into a conflict by choosing one side over another.

        Such a tactic is the epitome of foolishness. You now know, I would hope, that chemical weapons have been used in Syria – by the side you thought the United States military should intervene on behalf of. That side would consist of al-Qaeda and Hizbollah, of course. Which is to say: Dr J thinks that the US should be arming al-Qaeda and Hizbollah in order to take out a dictator who is close to Iran (who worked with the US in Afghanistan to eliminate al-Qaeda).

        With knowledge like yours, it is no surprise that you would pretend that blasphemy laws in Russia and Alabama are somehow different from blasphemy laws in Bangladesh. In fact, it makes perfect sense, if you think about it.

      • I confirm: There are no blasphemy laws in Bangladesh that call for the death penalty. It is I, JD who says this. NONE!

        There were only thousands of people rioting and killing cops because they want the death penalty for blasphemy to be instored in Bangladesh. It took us so long to get through with this that they stopped rioting as of today. Don’t hold your breath.*

        Somebody, please, help me explain!

        Now, how about them, Alabama blasphemy laws?

        *Since there is no special association between Islam and violence, I expect riots in favor of the death penalty to punish blasphemy to explode any time now in Estonia, or in Laos or in Paraguay, or in Botswana, or in Mongolia, or in Mozambique, or in Honduras, or in Luxembourg, or in Romania…..

  3. Bruce says:

    Brandon is quick to bang on the dumb rednecks in Alabama but adopts a live and let live attitude towards radical Islamic fundamentalists who want Sharia law and will kill anybody standing in the way. This stand back and watch approach is the same one taken by Obama and Hillary while Americans were being slaughtered in Benghazi. Funny how when BP had the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Obama said “I want to know whose ass to kick”. When our ambassador and three Americans are murdered Obama wants to know “What did we do to provoke such anger in these otherwise peaceful folks”. Then he went back to sleep. Funny too how in their primary debate back in 2008 Hillary said Barack would not be able to handle that dreaded 3 AM phone call. The call came from Benghazi much earlier and neither of them handled it. Brandon, the phone’s ringing, it’s for you. Your neighbor said he smelled bacon cooking in your dorm room. You know that’s going to cost you 1,029 lashes.
    Brandon thinks as long as it’s happening over there it’s their business, leave them alone, it’s fine. It won’t happen here, at least until they demand sharia in Dearborn, Michigan. Islam is not fundamentally violent, it’s just that there’s rampant violence in every country where it’s the state religion.
    The same logic Brandon rapidly applies to the folks in Alabama is suspended when it comes to Isalm. He’s been hitting the Kool-Aid. To a lot of people in Alabama saying something bad about the Crimson Tide is blasphemy. I know of no group demanding the death penalty for anyone disrespecting Alabama football or the Baptist Church for that matter. What is so hard to understand about the logical association between radical Islam and violence? We need to help Brandon so he can recover and help others.

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