Snowden and Me

The mass media want me to believe that I am awaiting with bated breath news of Snowden’s whereabouts. Well, not really. I don’t really care, for several reasons.

The more info perspires through, the easier it is to believe that Snowden did not “reveal” much that was not already officially known of both Democrat and Republican leaders in Congress. That’s not a bad way to handle programs one cannot publicize without voiding them, by the way. I mean government programs I may not like but that I might also consider necessary if I knew more.

President Obama had the right reflex when he said we need a national debate about how much privacy we are willing to trade against how much security. No facile formula will do. In fact though, the terrorists of today have the power to disrupt our societies deeply enough to make any future discussions of past privacies obsolete. To my mind, the trade-off is between loss of privacy today and loss of privacy tomorrow.

I can’t resolve this alone. I need more information and I need the input of others. That’s to make up my own mind. Of course, I also recognize that others may have other sets of preference than I and that theirs are as valid as mine. If ever there were an opportunity to use the Internet constructively!

The President had the right reflex, then, he went into hiding. One of his advisers from 1967 must have gotten to him. Speculations about the whereabouts of Mr Snowden are a distraction from those real questions. Sometimes, it’s difficult not to think media conspiracy, tacit conspiracy.

Will Mr Snowden be tried? Maybe? Will he be convicted of something besides breach of contract? Not obvious. It would take twelve of his peers. It’s hard to imagine. Is this well-meaning publicity-seeker a spy? I have said it before : Don’t you have to be spying for something?

One good fallout and one bad:

Perhaps, there will be a review of the frivolous ways in which our national government awards security clearances.

The Obama administration never misses a chance to have America look ridiculous, a little pathetic. Today, Mr Kerry was waiving his finger at Putin the Grand-Duke of Russia: “You had better turn Snowden over to us or else. Besides, he does not have a valid travel document.”

Mr Secretary of State Kerry: Any government can admit anyone it wants. A travel document, a passport, is only a way for Country A to tell country B, “This person, Mr S. is known of us. He is one of our citizens. We might protect him, maybe, perhaps.” There is nothing, zero thing resembling “international law” that requires one to carry a passport to cross national boundaries.

Mr Kerry was a liar when he was young. He made false testimonies before Congress about the Vietnam War. He got the Purple Heart. He is a petty certified tax evader. He was a C student in college. After a lifetime in Congress, he has precious little to show. I would say he is stupid except that he showed much talent in marrying rich women. (That’s why some critics said he was French when he was running for president, I guess.) He is thinking the Snowden flight is his chance to impress posterity. As I said, he is not too bright.

About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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7 Responses to Snowden and Me

  1. I like the last paragraph. As I dont care a hoot about Snowden, the rest makes no difference to me….

  2. ~Michael~ says:

    This is a good place to start for a national and an international debate. The reality is, there are a few people in the whole grand scheme; who control the 99.99999% of humanity. Call me what you will, but think of this:

    Reality is not some over-produced thing you watch on TV or read in a quasi-free press.

  3. Michael: On this blog, you are not welcome to give reading assignments without explaining why, at least with a few words. I hope you will do so. I think you might begin with an explanation of what you mean by “control.” Talk to you soon.

  4. Terry Amburgey says:

    How can you tell an NSA official is fibbing [not supposed to use the L…I…E word around here]? The official’s lips are moving.

  5. Terry Amburgey says:

    A recent development: the electronic freedom foundation has been in litigation to have the FISA court release decisions about NSA activities. They won, and a somewhat long and partly redacted document has been released. Legal documents terrify Jacques but perhaps others might be interested.

  6. Not much terrifies me. In addition, it’s hard to see how the partly redacted document in question is a ” legal document.” This is a little strange.

    Why don’t you explain briefly why the reading matters. This is something I require of everyone who would have others read something. I respect this rule myself, of course .

    You do like to give assignments. It must be frustrating not to be able to impose tests.

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