A Religion of Peace and Silence

Muslims often describe Islam as a religion of peace. In support, they refer to numerous passages in their sacred scriptures. I have no argument with the idea that Islam often preaches peace. However, I keep finding – without even looking for evidence- that much behavior identified with Islam strikingly does not correspond with the words of peace.

What matter more, words or deeds, I ask? (Deeds include inaction where there should be action.)

Recently (circa 9/21/13) two people in Pakistan sacrificed themselves for the joy of killing dozens of Christians in their church. Christians are a tiny, impotent minority in Pakistan. They can do nothing to undermine anything related to Islam, the official religion of Pakistan. It’s a country where there are severe penalties for speaking ill of the Prophet. (They include whipping, I think. I could be wrong. Correct me.) Is there any chance the assassins in Pakistan are others than Muslims?

In Iraq, at least once a week, one kind of Muslims will massacre with car bombs another kind of Muslims. Funerals of previous victims of fanaticism are especially targeted. Often, there too, suicide of the faithful criminal maniacs is also involved. There seems to be an unending supply of people calling themselves Muslims willing to lose their lives, to turn their relatives to grieving for the satisfaction of killing people who follow the wrong brand of Islam.

By the way, as little as four years ago and even less, Western liberals and misguided libertarians were still blaming he American military for Iraqi on Iraqi violence. The US military is gone; the violence is rather worse.

In Kenya, also circa 9/26/13, an unknown number of individuals shoot shoppers in a mall. A mall is a venue guaranteed to have many women and children. There is little apparent chance for the killers to escape from the center of the capital. They are likely to die to the last. They must have known it. A violent jihadist group next door, in Somalia, claims the massacre as its own. Its says it’s in retaliation for the presence of Kenyan military forces in that country that were instrumental in preventing their jihadist movement from taking over the whole of Somalia. Militant Muslims explicitly tied to Al Quaida lose a battle against an army; they take revenge on women and children. Noble!

Some the murderers in Kenya have addresses in the US. They are refugees who benefited by America’s humanity, its generosity. Humanity is not contagious in this case. Am I missing something about Islam?

Today, only people who call themselves Muslims show willingness to die in order to massacre perfects strangers in the name of their religious beliefs.This requires comment from Muslims. I mean Muslim intellectuals, including theologians. I don’t mean secular people with Muslim-sounding names who are desperately trying to not seem to denounce either Voltaire or their own mothers’ creed. I mean that I want to hear practicing Muslims, believers, explain or denounce the kind of atrocities to which I refer above.

There are several Muslims who are dear to me. They are silent as if there were no problem at all or, as one told me once, as if it were no more their problem than mine.

Keep in mind what I did not (NOT) say: I did not say that Muslims in general, or even many Muslims are terrorists. I think the number of actual terrorists among Muslims is tiny. And I keep in mind that Muslims are by far the main victims of violent jihadist terrorism. I assert rather that nearly all Muslims, even in places where they are free to express themselves such as the US, are too silent. I think it’s a form of passive complicity with horrendous killings of innocents.

I hope I am wrong. I hope someone will show me how deeply in error my perception is. I hope it will be Muslims, not, as usual, mealy-mouthed liberals frozen by political correctness.

Meanwhile, the Germans just gave the world another lesson in civilized political behavior. It’s the Germans; it’s fifty-eight years later.
“You can’t impose democracy by force,” say the sententiously ill-informed. You bet you can!



About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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30 Responses to A Religion of Peace and Silence

  1. Your own research has pointed out why this analysis is wrong. And, for umpteenth time, the Germans already had democracy. It’s how Hitler got elected in the first place.

    And, of course, democracy is not the highest end, liberty is. Your Trotskyist education has been flailing about wildly as of late. My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that American people have turned squarely against your wishes.

  2. The broadest swath of America public opinion has turned against what I wish with respect to Syria and also against simple humanity. At about the same time, Putin, the puny gangster, made President Obama his bitch. I am sure we will pay for this loss of sensitivity and for this loss of political common sense. It’s not something to smirk about; I think it’s a slow-moving tragedy. It was fairly predictable because this is Barack Obama’s first real job.

    For the young an less lettered who may be reading us: Germany had an imperfect democracy in the late 19th century with an hereditary ruler who could make peace or war. It had a very fragile democracy of sorts between 1919 and 1932. That one fell over at the first serious push . If it had not been the National-Socialists, it would have been the Communists.

    The German democracy that was established after World War Two and that lasted until now did not spring from German wishes. It was born on the ashes of complete German military defeat. It was imposed by force by the victors, just as I said.

    I look forward to the day when Brandon begins explaining his arresting advertising-like formulas. I don’t actually know whether he means to say that democracy and liberty are unrelated or if he means something else.

    It’s like saying it’s not the ladder we want, it’s the apple, without acknowledging that the the ladder is the only way to reach the apple.

  3. Terry Amburgey says:

    I thought about posting a link from the mass media about Muslims denouncing the attack in Kenya but why bother. This is just another example of one of your favorite conspiracy models: the conspiracy of ‘silence’. You use it to de-legitimize groups so that you keep your head firmly implanted….in the sand.

    You use it to de-legitimize blacks. Any complaint about anything by blacks is countered with ‘why are blacks silent about black-on-black crime!’ Rather than deal with issues you have a rote response.

    You use it to de-legitimize Muslims. The real problem with Muslims in the US is Islamaphobia but all you can think of is ‘why don’t Muslims protest terrorism!’ the implication is that they are all terrorist sympathizers.

    “In what police are investigating as a hate crime, a Columbia University professor was badly beaten on a New York City street Saturday by a mob that apparently believed he was a Muslim. Police say Prabjot Singh, a 31-year-old Sikh, was attacked just blocks from his home by a group of more than 20 young men on bikes who called him a terrorist and shouted “Get Osama!” Singh, who was saved when passersby intervened, was left with injuries including a fractured jaw, reports the Columbia Spectator.”

    I’d ask you why the hell you’re not denouncing mob violence against some poor schmoe with a turban but why bother. You’ll respond with an angry rant about Al Sharpton not denouncing black-on-sikh crime.

    “They are silent as if there were no problem at all or, as one told me once, as if it were no more their problem than mine.”

    I’ll type this very slowly so that you may understand: It IS no more their problem than it is yours. Muslims are not responsible for the actions of other Muslims. Maybe repetition will help it sink in: Muslims are not responsible for the actions of other Muslims.

    There is some good news though. It’s clear that you have no shame here. I’ve known you for a while so: I’ll be embarassed for you.

    • Buckie says:

      I’ve looked for the better part of an hour for Muslim condemnation of the attack, and can not find any.

      So I’m wondering, where’s the outcry ?

      Oh yeah, it’s not their problem.

      Make up your mind. There IS a Muslim outcry, but if there isn’t, it’s because it’s not their problem.


  4. Several replies to Terry (Some of my replies seem to have disappeared. I don’t know why.)

    Muslims are by far the main victims of Muslims fanaticism and terrorism, as I keep saying.

    Muslims are not responsible for the crimes of other Muslims, except when criminals say they commit their crimes in the name of Islam. Then, Muslims have to say, “Wrong.”

    Recent events:

    Assassins shoot civilians in a commercial venue in Kenya.

    A jihadist movement from Somalia, next door that says it is connected to Al Quaida claims the shooters.

    The shooters administer quizzes to potential victims to separate the Muslims from others.

    They shoot those who fail the test.

    This planned mass murder does/ doe s not have anything to do with Islam?

    I am just asking Muslim theologians and other Muslim intellectuals to answer this question.

    If the answers is already all over the media, I would like someone to help me update myself.

    And, I yes, I think political correctness is sometimes criminal.

  5. Obviously there is a conspiracy of silence around Muslim, religiously-inspired crimes. Academia abounds with such conspiracies.

    By the way, could you you give me a link to a study that examines the possibility that women are bad at maths just because they are bad a maths.

    I don’t know if that’s the case. I would like to find out through the conventional methods of social science.

    • Terry Amburgey says:

      “By the way, could you you give me a link to a study that examines the possibility that women are bad at maths just because they are bad a maths.
      I don’t know if that’s the case. I would like to find out through the conventional methods of social science.”

      You’re in luck. Google Scholar is the place for you. Use whatever search terms you think best.

  6. Terry Amburgey says:

    One of your responses is not missing, you replied in the wrong thread…the meltdown thread.

    “This planned mass murder does/ doe s not have anything to do with Islam?”
    Another of your true/false questions? the answer is True…it does not have anything to do with Islam.

    For decades whites killed blacks because they were blacks. Did it have anything to do with being caucasian?

    I’m not sure why you want to so insistently want to absolve wicked people from personal responsibility for their evil acts. Terrorists are personally responsible for their evil. It’s not to be blamed on religion, ideology, ethnicity, birth order, their astrological sign, not being breast fed, or whatever other cockamamie excuse you want to come up with.

  7. Terry Amburgey says:

    delete first want to above

  8. Communists used to commit mass murder (110,000s – plural). It’s not because they were communists it’s because they were evil, right?

  9. Terry Amburgey says:

    There were 80,000,000 communists in China in 2010. OMG! Asia will soon be depopulated with 80,000,000 mass murderers on the loose! Oh wait! there are more than 1 1/2 billion Muslims in the world! We’re all going to die!!!

  10. Prof Terry says: “For decades whites killed blacks because they were blacks. Did it have anything to do with being caucasian? ”

    The comparison of race with religion is absurd, of course. One cannot leave one’s race. One can leave a religion (except where it punished by death as in some Muslim countries). I, for example, was born and reared as a Catholic; I am not one anymore. I quit!

    Prof. Terry has a doctorate in sociology. I am perplexed that he seems not to understand the difference.

    I am glad, he mentions white Americans for the practice of lynching..It’s obvious that the number of whites involved was tiny. Yet, since black Americans rarely or never lynched white Americans, it made sense to shame whites. (In fact, they were shamed into stopping..) . In recent years an inquisitive press discovered thousands of cases of Catholic priests sexually molesting little boys. The number of priests involved is tiny. Yet millions of Catholics demanded that their church be more vigorous, more e proactive in suppressing this criminal practice. Few Catholics if any claim that priests’ pedophilia is none of their business. And, by the way, many Catholics,, dissatisfied with the Church’s response, abandoned Catholicism. . They walked away..

    Catholics were not universally silent about the abuse of children by members of their religion.

    It’s difficult to believe that Prof Terry does not know all this. I am only responding for the benefit of readers who may be trying to make up their minds on such issues..

  11. Terry Amburgey says:

    “Boys on average, had better scores in reading and math, and girls performed better in writing.”

    Do with it as you will

  12. Terry Amburgey says:

    “It’s obvious that the number of whites involved was tiny”
    “The number of priests involved is tiny.”
    Tiny numbers don’t count when its Muslims eh Jacques?

    “Yet millions of Catholics demanded that their church be more vigorous, more e proactive in suppressing this criminal practice.”

    We’ve all learned that any number you provide is not only suspect but typically made up of whole cloth. Evidence for these “millions”?

  13. Terry Amburgey says:

    “For decades whites killed blacks because they were blacks. Did it have anything to do with being caucasian?”

    You forgot to answer the question.

  14. Terry Amburgey says:

    Hotdog! Another ‘conspiracy of silence’, Jacques will go into orgasmic convulsions. Well maybe not, this is Christian silence….

  15. Terry: I did no forget to answer the question.

    • Terry Amburgey says:

      “Terry: I did no forget to answer the question.”

      My apologies. I can’t find it, Maybe Bucky’s poor search skills are contagious. Can you give a link to the answer? Or, even simpler just answer it again here? It’s a simple yes or no answer, quick and easy. Remember, you have a habit of asking true/false quizzes, I just filled out a long one last week. Is your answer yes or no?

  16. Terry Amburgey says:

    When I saw this I couldn’t help thinking about Jacques and his cadre of religious bigots.

    “So let’s get to the crux of the issue: Should American-Muslims be required to denounce terrorist attacks perpetrated by so-called Muslims who commit horrible acts on other parts of the planet? Well, let’s ask Ronald Reagan: “We must reject the idea that every (time) a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

    Still, American Muslim leaders and organizations have consistently denounced terror attacks committed by Muslims — including the recent Kenya attack. And not only did American Muslims denounce this recent incident, so did Muslim leaders in Kenya as well as the president of Somalia — a Muslim.

    How could Bob Beckel not be aware of these facts? Maybe he hasn’t figured out how to use Google yet? Or maybe he simply doesn’t care about accuracy — or both?”

    It’s a sad but true fact: Reagan would be denounced as a RINO by todays vicious band of teapublicans and driven from the party. Yes, Jacques’ conspiracy of silence is provably total crap; does Jacques [like his fellow-traveler Bucky] just not know how to use Google? Quite possible. Does he just not care about accuracy? He’s proven over and over again that Facts Don’t Matter. I’m going to go with both as my guess.


  17. Terry Amburgey says:

    Oh great. In short order we’ll have Jacques ranting about the ‘conspiracy of silence’ by Buddhists. Why aren’t Buddhists around the world denouncing this violence?! Why hasn’t the Dalai Lama condemned this outrage?!

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