Stop Violence Against Women

My town of Santa Cruz, California is festooned with tasteful banners urging: “Help STOP violence against women.” I wonder what I am supposed to do.

I live with three female human beings. (It’s not what you think but thanks for the suspicion anyway!) I don’t beat my wife, I don’t beat my daughter; I smacked my granddaughter on her butt twice in her whole life. (She is going on six.) Each time she laughed openly at me. I won’t try it again because I fear that the third time, she will flip me. (She goes to an expensive pre-school that encourages self-expression.)

If I saw anyone physically abusing another human being, I would try to stop him or her. I would do it irrespective of the victim’s sex, of course. If I felt unable to do it, I would quickly call 911. I would call 911 irrespective of the sex of the victim too. Is this wrong? I would do it as quickly as I could. Is this wrong? Am I supposed to wait a little if the victim is male? You tell me.

I have learned pitifully little in my now long life. Here is one thing I have learned: Many women like bad guys. Notice my moderation: I said “many” women. We are primates; there is propensity among the females of the species to lust for the baddest monkey in the band. Anyone: dare tell me that my generalization is wrong!

Don’t blame me, don’t blame yourselves, you, mostly peaceful, affectionate guys, blame that bitch, Mother Nature.

I don’t know if the liberal groups that promote this sort of campaigns have any purpose at all. Possibly, they don’t have any concrete purpose. The campaigns may just provide the vague satisfaction that one is doing something.

I do know however what some of the real effects of such campaigns are. First, they confirm many – women in this case – in the suspicion that they are persecuted or that the world just isn’t fair. That’s the case even if they cannot identify the persecutor, even when they can’t quite put into words what’s not fair. This, in turns, paves the way for a desire for government redress.

Second, liberal campaigns  maintain, perpetuate a general climate of vulnerability and of impotence. You are not the maker of your own life, they proclaim or whisper. Unknown forces, much bigger than you are responsible for nearly everything. They are: male violence, the culture, the corporations, global warming; the list is endless; Liberals keep adding to it. It’s only fair that YOU should receive protection from these greater forces, by force if necessary. (That’s what a law is, remember, it’s a rule such that if you break it, the government will punish you violently.)

Half a block from my house there is a large corner lot that should be one of the best real estate addresses in town. I say “should.” It’s occupied by a women’s shelter. Should I guess that it is still on the tax roll?* I have never seen anyone coming in or out of it. Perhaps it has some daytime employees; I don’t know. It can’t be many, not enough to justify 1/10th of the space the shelter fills. The shelter includes a large equipped playground. I have never, not once seen a single child play there in the past four years. And the explanation is?

Talk to any police officer. You will hear the same story every time: Women don’t want to press charges against the men who beat them black and blue. They don’t appear to register the meaning of the single sentence, ” He may kill you next time.”

*The equivalent lot on the other side of the street – with houses in better repair (but who is to blame?) – is currently for sale for $1,200,00.


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to Stop Violence Against Women

  1. ddxo says:

    FACTS ARE NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO US (especially if we do not take the time looking for them): I appreciate your wit and candid remarks in your blog, but sometimes it seems you didn’t spend time researching the facts. Since I live in your community I can tell you the nonprofit (501c3) Women’s shelter you wrote about actually does a lot to protect women and children facing domestic violence, homeless and other unfortunate circumstances, including illiteracy and joblessness. I hesitate to write the name of the center as to not target you with inflamed responses (everything is auto-tagged on the internet, these days). I have entered this shelter first hand, during the course of my life work in social service and supporting the county mental health department. As you know, my husband and two brothers work in the field of law enforcement and one as an investigator for a California district attorney’s office in the San Joaquin Valley. Based on your remarks, they would clearly beg to differ with your perception of waste or indulged victimology, as they recently report real and gruesome crimes against women and children. Unfortunately, actual arrests and reports will not always show up in all statistical data — a serious problem with women refusing to support investigations or complete the process of supporting an arrest. This issue is well documented. It is sad to say the crimes of your generation look innocent compared to what is happening out there today. Very extreme. Facts DO matter. See if these are reliable sources for you to justify the need for a women’s shelter:

    • ddxo: You seem to be accusing me of denying that there is violence against women, or specific violence against women. I did no such thing. You are right that I did not take the trouble to look up numbers because that was not my errand. The essay of relevance is not about violence against women it’s about the campaign to urge ME to STOP violence against women. It’s not clear what I could do if I wanted to. What is clear is that this is yet another propaganda endeavor that creates a general climate of crisis.

      If I am told that something terrible is happening around the corner and there is nothing I can do about it, I am left with… with what?

      The women’s shelter you refer to is housed in a large compound. There is not visible activity in or near it, as you would notice in a health clinic, for example, without even trying. There is not even a parking problem although it uses on-street parking. This does not mean that there is no one inside. Perhaps, there is. The jungle gym in its large yard is half covered with weeds indicating little use by children of mothers who are victims of violence. Why would that be?

      I am making the bet that the shelter in question would exist – at some public expense – if it served only one woman per year. It’s only a bet. It should not be difficult to show me wrong. All it would take would be a report from the shelter itself, or its supervisory authority, giving numbers of clients served in some period of time. None of your reading assignments touches on this concrete issue at all

      The net effect of the campaign I denounce is to make people feel fragile. Women who have never had any personal encounter with violence are thus allowed to feel like victims by proxy. In a world where everyone is a victim, some twice or thrice over, something has to be done: another extension of government services, perhaps. I mean another Obamacare, for example.
      And, by the way, and this is tangential to my purpose, there is no public or academic debate at all on the fundamental question of why so many women chose to tie their lives to bad men, some, repeatedly. That’s a politically forbidden area. Why?

      You are welcome to put up an essay on this blog on this interesting topic, or one addressing my original issue: What should an ordinary civilian, male of female, do to stop violence against women ,specifically against women?

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