The Lost Sergeant Lost Again! – UPDATED June 6th and June 14th,17th

If I were Sergeant Bergdahl and  if I were not a deserter, I would ask for a court-martial. Given the public airing of rumors concerning his case, I don’t see how his request could be turned down. He has been damaged by a very public discussion of his case. He is entitled to his day in court to clear his name. For a member of the military, this means a court-martial, a procedure giving good guarantees concerning the presumption of innocence.

The Army is keeping him incommunicado in a military hospital in Germany.It’s as if he had been lost a second time. Some say he has forgotten English. That’s completely absurd. It could be that the Army is merely trying to avoid the accidental spilling of military secrets. It could be that there is another, darker secret involved.

Could it be that he did not particularly wanted to be rescued? Had he cast his lot with the other side who cynically sacrificed him in return for the huge prize that Mr Obama provided?

Usually, I am quick to blame the Obama administration ineptness rather than criminal intent for its actions that look like sabotage of the USA. This time, the debacle is so huge that my judgment vacillates. Really, one lost soldier for five battle-hardened generals of armies who throw acid in school-girls’ faces? We are returning to the struggle people who were only one degree  of separation removed from 9/11 ?

President Obama, he of the Veterans Administration, suddenly speaks like a military patriot: We don’t leave any of our soldiers behind no matter who they are. Period! What if the Taliban barbarians had asked for a nuclear device in return for delivering Sergeant Bergdahl into our hands?

We don’t leave any of our soldiers behind. Period?

Update 6/6/14  It’s been one week and Sergeant Bergdhal has still  not been allowed to talk to his mother. Maybe he has forgotten how to say “Hi” in English, or “Mom,” or something.

It’s because of concerns for his health, says the administration. It has not told us what the health concern is.

I don’t much like conspiracy explanations as a rule but I can’t help notice that medical doctors are professionally obligated not to talk about their patients. And military officers usually follow orders including orders to keep their mouths shut irrespective of what they think. If this were not true, why in the world was Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat sent to die in a French military hospital?

Update June 14th and 17th: It’s been two weeks; the lost sergeant has still not said,  “Hi, Mom” or even”Hi, Dad” for Fathers’ Day. He is more lost than even I guessed. He is being treated medically but we don’t  know for what. What illness could possibly require such discretion? Nothing that I can think of of: Not drug addiction of any kind, not any sexually transmitted disease, no matter how transmitted, certainly not any form of mental illness given his five-year ordeal. He is not in hiding. I think he is kept hidden. Why?



About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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8 Responses to The Lost Sergeant Lost Again! – UPDATED June 6th and June 14th,17th

  1. Bruce says:

    If the Private (promoted to Sergent while in “captivity”) had not been a deserter Muslim converting traitor and his father was not nearly as disgraceful, we would have never heard about him again. He should be tried in atrial by courts martial and prosecuted under the UCMJ as applicable. If found to be innocent he should receive all back pay and allowances and allowed to make a choice to remain in the Army. If not, looks like a long term in Leavenworth if he escapes the death penalty. It’s a political football as usual. I would point out another case. If the US Marine held in Mexico on weapons charges said he was gay and wanted a sex change operation he would be back in the US.

  2. I agree with everything, except that I don’t know if he converted to Islam and I wouldn’t care much if he did.

  3. Jacques, remember this is the most politically driven presidency ever, by a long shot. Nothing else matters to this president and his entourage because there is nothing else — no sense of public service, no loyalty to any constituency, no vision of what government can and cannot do, zero understanding of economics, and raised in an adversary, nihilist culture. The one thing they know how to do, and have twice done brilliantly, is win elections. An electorate dumbed-down by decades of politically-correct education has truly confounded Lincoln’s dictum that you can’t fool most of the people all of the time.That is no small accomplishment.

    Given this intellectual and cultural vacuum at the center of the Obama presidency, the only way they know how to react is by a political calculus. In this case, the political goal was to damp down the scandal over mismanagement of the Veterans Administration resulting in unknown soldiers dying non-combat deaths. This threatened to feed right into the perception that Obama doesn’t care about the military. He believed, as we know from ex-Defense Secretary Thomas Gates’ memoir, that the military ‘had it in for him’ and would never give him a fair shake. So, to curry favor with them, Team Obama contrived a plan to rescue the only U.S. soldier taken prisoner in Afghanistan, and at the same time start emptying out Gitmo, as was (unrealistically) promised in the 2008 election campaign. They probably thought it would be ‘neat’ to do both of these things with one deal, while further developing a line of communication with the throat-slitting educational reformers known as the Taliban. So neat that they didn’t inquire too deeply into the circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture nor the resumes of the Gitmo Five seconded to Qatar for further terror training (their skills having grown rusty with imprisonment). In Team Obama’s political playbook, buying the freedom of anyone in a U.S. uniform — no matter what the price — was bound to please the military and get them off his back about the VA.

    There may be more to it than that, or perhaps not.

    I thought Brandon was excessively nasty in his responses and I have unsubscribed to ‘Notes on Liberty’, which has too many worthless posts anyway.

    • @Peter:

      Ouch! It’s a good thing you voiced your concerns, Dr Miller, or I would have never even known you’d stopped.

      I’ll be sure to post more often on the stunning successes of the second Bush administration, just so that I might earn your readership back. Or, better yet, you could blog on there yourself, so as to assure the world that the worthless posts there go largely unacknowledged in the shadow of your towering intellect.


      The ‘comments’ threads here are incredibly productive. I am here to publicly beg you to share your secrets of success with me. Can the success of the dialogues here really be attributed to the four Republicans who actually chime in from time to time (speaking of dissent)? Please, don’t keep me guessing!

  4. Peter: I don’t disagree with your analysis.Yet, I think it gives the administration more strategic credit than it deserves. I intuit (not exactly “think”) that they are and have been out of their depth. They were incompetent from day one even in doing what they really wanted to do. My long experience in academia nourishes this intuition. It showed me scores of intelligent people who were also incompetent. Mr Obama was an “adjunct professor” before he became a “community organizer.” How worse can it get? At least, when you are a cashier at McDonald nothing encourages you to think that you are an intellectual big shot.

    I suspect many people have trouble combining in their minds: anti-American left-wing plotter and incompetent. I think Mr Obama is all thee things. (Even his liar-in-chief is not very good.)

    Brandon is a perfect illustration of Eric Hoffer’s “true believer” concept: intelligent with a blind spot that’s so big it’s like an eye-patch. He will not tolerate dissent on his primitive pacifism. Of course, his occasional nastiness against me is tiny as compared to what I experienced in academia. My, my, if I did not watch out, Brandon would end up giving Freudism a good name in my book!

  5. Jacques, I think the current admin deserves credit for winning two elections. Period. Especially in 2012, with real unemployment running well above 15 percent (counting those who had given up on finding a job), getting a majority of the electorate to vote against their own and the country’s interest required a great deal of skill and focus. Let’s not underestimate this. The cover story for the Benghazi debacle, that a well-planned attack was a spontaneous reaction to a Youtube video, was brilliant. The disciplined talking-points extended even to Lady C’s funeral oration vowing to find and prosecute the author of the Youtube video. And remember the ‘Republican war on women’? The political problem was this: How to allude to Romney’s Mormon religion without seeming bigoted. Women got the message loud and clear, and provided the winning margin in several swing states. It would be a mistake to underestimate the skill of the current admin and its cheerleaders in the media in manipulating public opinion and voting outcomes. About governance, you are clearly right — Obama and Co. are way out of their depth, and their incompetence has caused damage in both domestic and foreign affairs that will take many years to repair.

    Re Brandon, it’s interesting how dissent elicits characterizations of dissenters for which there is no evidence whatsoever. Among the false attributions: Being a Republican, possessing a towering intellect, and seeking endorsements of the GWBush admin.. I have never claimed any of the above. In fact, and for the record, I deny them all! I guess I should be grateful to have been spared the usual epithet ‘right-wing Republican’. The way these characterizations trip off the tongue, or keyboard, so easily reminds me of the one-time description of Deng Xiao-Peng in official PRC State media as ‘fascist running-dog of the capitalists Deng Xiao-Peng’. Until he became Premier — then all such references were removed.

    • Lol.

      I’ll take that as a ‘no’.

      I guess there is nothing left to do but leave you dissenters to rage against the machine by yourselves. Fascists like me no doubt cramp your style!

  6. Brandon: I suspect you don’t grasp how alive old guys’ memories of actual totalitarianism are. Personally, I only began to breathe easily in my fifties. I have not forgotten. I could not if I tried.

    Much of what you say off the cuff is difficult to understand. I don’t know who called you a “Fascist” nor under what circumstances. I am sure it was not I because, if I had wanted to say it, I would have used the word.

    You are not the object of any persecution. You get criticized occasionally for extremism and for frequently walking off the reservation. (Here I go again!) It’s a small price to pay for running a good, fairly open blog. Personally, I learned quite a bit from you, including “batshit crazy.”

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