Democrats On Their Last Leg

Main messages from Democratic candidates a few days before the midterm election:

What President Eboma? Never heard of the guy.

Republicans are preventing African-Americans from working for the corporations that would exploit them.

Businesses don’t create jobs.

Republicans are plotting to abolish sex for women.


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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15 Responses to Democrats On Their Last Leg

  1. John Love says:

    Jacques, may I call you Jacques. Look, I know you are intelligent and are a lettered individual. I know what your political leanings are, at least some by reading your posts. But putting up phrases that are misleading, or just plain untrue in content is beneath you. Ok, I will give you the first sentence, does at least have some instance of fact. The next three are what a Republican spin doctor said a democrat said. It is not actually what was said, or more importantly, meant! I am not making a point for either party. I am interested in all of us, including you, sir, to fight with facts only. Leaving out parts of the narrative, or making them seem like something was said that was not intended, is the worst kind of prevarication. Easy to do, hard to prove or disprove, but beneath you sir.

  2. John: First, you have to decide: You can’t call me “Jacques” and “Sir”! (Actually, I prefer to be called “Master” and “Sensei.”)

    If the blog of reference contains the “worst kind or prevarication,” you have lived a blessedly innocent life.

    I am grateful for your attentive reading of this small posting. Perhaps it was more attentive than it deserves. I am completely sure that 99% of my readers understand well that no Democratic candidate ever said (EVER) “President Ebama.” This blog is not an objective newspaper; it’s a partisan organ relying on vetted facts when facts are needed. They are not, in this case. What I wrote is a sarcastic but fair distillation of Democratic candidates’ message although none of them ever pronounced any of the sentences above. It’s difficult to remain serious before the debacle that is the Obama administration and the overwhelming bad faith of many Democratic candidates’ argumentation.

    Feel free to show me how it should be done. I will post whatever you do.

    PS Former Secretary of State Clinton did not say that businesses don’t create jobs?

    • John Love says:

      Look, I don’t like Mrs. Clinton, mostly because she backed her husband in blatant lies. She is not good at public speaking either. So yes, she said that, but she was meaning to make a point about job outsourcing and lost her train of thought. Everyone knows business makes jobs, just like grass makes a lawn, common sense. So we nit pic something you and I both know was an unintentional stumble, not an economic lesson, into something blown out of proportion for political advantage. To me this is not fighting with the truth. It is trying to make the truth as we want to see it. That is the part I don’t like. I cannot compete with you in a word match, I don’t have the tools. I can look at a group of politicians and spot the used car salesman every time, oh Sensei! Oh, and by the way, I was not saying those are the worst prevarications I have ever heard, just that half truths and omissions are the worst kind of misinformation! I may have been a little to enthusiastic in my critique, I admit. We are never going to come to a meeting of the mind on which party is more disingenuous, so I will not go there.

  3. John: Thank you for the clarification on prevarication. Your BS detector is not very sharp, however. Mrs Clinton said exactly what she meant to say. I am not reading her mind but paying attention to what she said before and after. That was not a stumble. It all fits together. She said it after Elizabeth Warden, her rival on the Left, who said the same thing several months ago. I can even guess where the whole thing comes from : It’s old Charlie Marx’s Labor Theory of Value expressed by intellectually mediocre people who have not read that stuff themselves but have heard about it second-hand, a long time ago, from their own mediocre teachers. This is all familiar to me because I spent thirty years among leftist academics, many of them mediocre.

    In this case, I am not “fighting for the truth,” but taking what I got from sources I respect and trying to express it in a clear but brief manner for those who are busier than I am. I also aim to influence young people by proposing a translation of what they hear from the media day in an day out.
    Of course, this tiny posting was partisan statement. Everybody can see this.

    There is not “word match” here, just plain English.

    At least, you are calling me “Sensei.” I like that.

  4. John Love says:

    Sensei, I would like to spend an afternoon across the table from you. We would probably have to attach the chairs to the floor and chain ourselves to the chairs to keep from crawling up on the table to get in each others faces, but it would probably be the most fun I have ever had! So, one more clarification, Mrs. Clinton is a used car salesman. How could she not be, she is married to the best used car salesman on the planet. I did not believe she meant the statement as uttered because it was utterly stupid. So maybe she is that out of touch with economics, I have heard politicians say some really stupid stuff on both sides. However my take is that the GOP think science is something you find in a Cracker Jack box. You take it out, blow on it, and it makes a loud noise! I also have a problem with anyone making decisions based on religion in any form. Having said that, and knowing you get disdainful of people who do not agree with you, I think I would like you, matter of fact I think I do like you. I usually, and I have no understanding of this, tend to like people who argue with me and drive me to distraction. I like that it makes me think. I don’t mind that you disagree nearly as much as I would mind if you were not actively exercising your mind. All I can ask.

  5. John: I am not disdainful of you because you disagree with me. I am not disdainful of you, period. I treat adults like adults, even when I have to bitch-slap them a couple of times to get sense into their heads. I am sweetheart with small children and old ladies. Ask them.

    Mrs Clinton is not ignorant. She is an utterly corrupt leftist, like the old Soviet nomenklatura.

    I don’t know what Republicans you refer to in connection with science. Most Republicans, like most people, have no idea of what the word mean. Many liberals are now using the word to construct impromptu religious tests for their enemies ( as with climate change.)

    I am actively exercising my mind and I often slaughter sacred cows in public. (See my postings on immigration and on de-industialization).

    The thought of the two of us chained to cafe chairs is pleasant enough but it would never happen: I would have you sobbing in the first two or three minutes.

    • John Love says:

      Well, maybe you do have more education, but I do think your opinion of yourself may be just a tad unrealistic. I realize you would have no way of knowing this, but with my history, there would be no crying, I have seen way too much for you to even moisten an eye. I ran away from home at eleven to never return. I never went school as a regular student until I was almost thirteen, however I had taught myself to read and write on my own. I did mispronounce certain words like pedestrian for years, but I managed. I was a straight “A” student by the time I was a sophomore, two years as editor of the newspaper. I was never in a “home”. I could ride, rope, drive, operate all kinds of equipment, so I made myself valuable to the ranch community I wound up in. However, with no parents and therefore no support system, I had to drop out of college for lack of money when there was an active draft, so joined to get the avionics and electronic schools I wanted. I was a Marine Sgt. with two tours in Nam trained in electronic warfare aircraft. I still take college classes that interest me. Seven sciences so far, ancient civilization, and like that. So my education is different than yours, but there will be no crying Jacques. Oh and by the way, I took my first class that dealt with global warming, for example, in 1968. If you go back and reread what I said I was trying to make a friend, with opportunities for both of us. But you obviously thought yourself above that, and me, so I can’t win them all, goodbye!

  6. John: I respect your journey. I am not above you; as I said, I am writing for tough adults.

    I never said anything about education. You are stuck on this; look into your heart. Myself, I am pretty sure you know more than I do (based on the story you tell.) I too was trying to make friends but look, Sergeant, I have already got you crying a little and we are not even face to face, chained to our respective chairs!

    OK, you don’t like what I have to say so wonderfully succinctly about current Democrat candidates’ campaigns. (If I say so myself!) How about you try it, right on this blog and preferably without forcing readers to spend hours on the topic? The page is open. I am guessing you won’t try because it’s impossible today to give an honest account of such campaigns without falling into vile sarcasm (as I did.)

  7. John: I put a comment on your blog. I did not salivate.

    • John Love says:

      I put a reply on your comment. Not adversarial, at least that was my read on it. I do read all of your posts, even if I disagree. Kind of insulting to tell me you did not, in my opinion, but as I said in my response, I have to try and understand your style, which is gruff to say the least. I am not adverse to learning, my mind is still open. I will leave it at that.

  8. Good for you, John. My mind is open too but I have been listening all my life to liberal stuff. I spent thirty years in academia where it’s not even in dispute. Today, I could not escape liberal tripe if I tried, except at the cost of shutting off most media. (I don’t; I listen to NPR every day.) I feel that I know it by heart. I know it to the point that it has to be boring. Of course, I may be wrong sometimes to think this. I am fairly confident that it will be brought to my attention when I am wrong to assume that I know. After all, I live in the Green People’s Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz.

    I am not that gruff (again). I will continue to treat you like a peer. It involves a certain amount of frankness. The alternative is to baby you. Yo don’t want this, do you?

    • John Love says:

      On your comment on my blog, again you misunderstood my education and IQ reference. It was not a competitive statement. I was explaining that higher education gives you tools that help you glean and understand the information that shapes our lives and that IQ can only take you so far without that. It is why I admire people who have gone the extra mile, so to speak. I also put this statement in the comment section of the blog, but no reason to go there now.

  9. Now, that’s a forceful statement!

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