Governor the Dropout!

We just discovered that Governor Scott  Walker, in company with Abe Lincoln, Harry Truman, Steve Job, and Bill Gates does not have a college degree. The horror! (In case you wonder if I have a dog in this fight: Yes, I completed college, Cum Laude!)

The real problem is that Gov. Walker looks like a Republican candidate that could eat Hillary’s lunch with his eyes closed. He has tangible accomplishments; she does not. She lies; he does not. She often sounds absurd; he does not (so far). Her diction changes with her audience; she even talks black in a black church, N. S.! The governor is always dignified in public.

I wish he would offer a deal: I will make my college grades public if the president will do the same, at last.

Incidentally, I spend thirty years in academia. I came out convinced that a university education may be important for average young people. For the brilliant, it’s mostly a waste of time, I think.


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to Governor the Dropout!

  1. johnczaja says:

    I absolutely agree Jacques…I learned way more after my “formal” education was over

    once you develope some discipline in your study habits you have a lifetime of education, n’est pas?

  2. John: You are probably right but I was thinking of something more radical. Young men benefit from college because they are aimless and undisciplined, as a rule. College involves a lot of wasting time, a whole lot. It’s good that those young animals spend their aimlessness within a socially controlled environment. It’s the lesser of several evils, so to speak. Some young men are neither aimless nor undisciplined. It’s good for everyone if those chose to not suffer the penalty of wasting time in college. This being said, I think there is some value to a college education. It just seems to me that it’s too expensive, in every currency you can imagine.

    Read my book. You will like it: ($18.50 including tax plus $4 for mailing).

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