Fascism in America

 This is a bit of a partial recycle. Don’t mind it, please.

In a preceding essay about Donald Trump’s grossness, I went over the ambiguities of unwanted sexual advances. (I only considered unwanted sexual advances toward women. If I considered advances toward men, I would only yield to temptation to drift from my topic, and end up being accused of bragging, again. I will do it though, if enough women readers demand it.)

I began by asking the reader to suppose that Trump had really made unwanted advances to 25 women over thirty years (although all evidence is lacking besides the accusations of Democrat women.) This was far in excess of the number of his accusers. Given the continuation of what Mrs Bill Clinton would have called elegantly “a bimbo eruption” in the nineties, * I will change my stance and imagine that Trump made unwanted advances not toward twenty-five but fully toward thirty women in thirty years. (“Bimbo eruption” is an exact quote. I take quote marks seriously.) I remind you that I agree that Trump has a foul mouth. In fact, I would not like to hear him talk in private.

So, the clear viewpoint of the Clinton campaign, supported by the President of the United States, in agreement with almost all the big traditional media, is that candidate Trump’s grossness of speech, and supposedly, of demeanor (but the evidence for the latter is slim or lacking altogether) would be a danger to the Republic if he were elected. Some call him a “fascist.”

But, I think that the fact that an office seeker’s posture sometimes reminds one faintly of Mussolini in front of a mike does not demonstrate “fascism,” except in a childish way, an uncultured, under-informed way. Trump might like to become Mussolini; I don’t know at all. It’s completely obvious by now though that is too disorganized and too spontaneous to do the actual work to become a dictator. He is no danger. (There is a thought-out, calm description of fascism in general on this blog under “Fascism Explained.” Read it when you have time.)

Here is a brief, applied description of fascist movements. First, fascism is a mass movement (not a dictatorship imposed from above as by a military dictator, for example). It’s a movement that does everything possible to undermine or abrogate normal institutions. That’s as in by-passing the Constitution when signing a treaty with a dangerous country although the Constitution specifies clearly that the Senate must ratify treaties. That’s as in trying to corrupt the national police agency, the FBI, into de-classifying a document under subpoena. (The document was about the Benghazi event where four Americans lost their lives because of Sec. Clinton incompetence according to a significant fraction of the public. A further declassified document showed that exactly such  an attempt at corruption took place.) That’s as in emasculating the FBI by taking advantage of a political position, that of Attorney General. Etc. I don’t type fast enough to do justice to the developing narrative of Clinton violations of government rules and procedures.

To the extent that it gains power, fascism goes around normal judicial restrictions on the power of the executive branch. That’s as in assassinating American citizens abroad. A fascist movement co-opts what media it can’t close. That’s as in the repeated attempts to shut off Rush Limbaugh, the most popular radio host in America. That’s as in the unprecedented fact of a sitting president (Obama) criticizing a national television network by name (Fox News). The bulk of the big traditional media is already domesticated by the Democratic Party, it seems to me. Does anyone disagree? Fortunately, there is still the less controlled Internet.

A fascist movement does what it can to silence all political opposition including by relying on illegal and illicit means. That’s as in the Democratic National Committee secretly sabotaging Clinton’s competitor Bernie Sanders. That’s as in paying hoodlums to disrupt the other side’s political events. (See on my FB:  http://themillenniumreport.com/…/project-veritas-proof-tha…/ .)  (In that case, it was the other rival, Donald Trump that was attacked and libeled.) That’s as in brutalizing supporters of the other side – including women -on the public way. (Happened on live television in San Jose, California. outside a Trump rally.) That’s as in fire-bombing a Republican campaign headquarters in North Carolina. (Happened around October 17 2016; reports on the incident were quickly squashed by the big media.)

Mrs Clinton has made no mystery of the fact that her presidency (if any) would be a continuation of Mr Obama’s. His sins are her sins. You can’t have it both ways: “I am he but I am not he.”

So, we are forced to conclude that his hap-hazard and tiny  sample of Clinton and Democrat misdeeds should be vastly more dangerous to the Republic than Donald Trump’s real and imagined misdeeds, his obscene words,and possibly his gross actions toward women. And even, of everything he has been accused (without proof) of doing. Anything!

Let me summarize the Demo-Clinton view of the world because you won’t remember the details given the avalanche of news and near-news confronting you every day:

Bad manners are worse than deep government corruption placing some politicians above the law.

The Left-liberal Democratic behavior is not “kind of like fascism” or ” little bit fascist.” We are facing a full, conventional fascist takeover of this country. I can only hope that there will be rational Democrats to notice and follow through.

Two personal notes: First, I may have arthritis but my moral compass is just fine. I know who is speaking for the left-behind and for the voiceless, if anyone is. Second, I have been saying for months that I don’t like Trump although I will vote for him. I have changed my mind a little. His perseverance, his steadfastness under attack are earning my admiration.

Whatever happens, folks, I am not moving to Canada. I am staying here and making trouble.

*Reminder: Former President Bill Clinton was NOT impeached and forbidden to practice law because of what he did in the Oval Office with an intern in her early twenties with whom there was a huge difference of power and social status. These misfortunes struck him either because of a vast right- wing conspiracy (as candidate Clinton declared) or because he impeded justice by lying under oath. You find out if you are a millennial. Great story!


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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