Pre-election Distemper

I warn you that I am not in a good mood today. Read at your own risk.

Breathless news: The best college soccer team in America was just suspended by university authorities. The players’ trespass is to have been discovered scoring members of the female soccer team on their physical attractiveness. Apparently, they relied on a scale of 0 to 10. The horror! I don’t know how much such scoring women do. Whatever it is, I think they should do it more. It would save many from making horrible mistakes in the area of marriage. Here is how it works, young woman: If you don’t like how he looks, you won’t like him in bed. If you don’t like him in bed, everything he does will annoy you. That’s how Mother Nature fixed it.

I wonder if the political generals at the Pentagon will resist the temptation to serve Pres. Obama and the Democratic Party a big victory in Mosul on the eve of the election. In the meantime the sickening agony of Aleppo in Syria continues. Both the Syrian dictator’s forces and the Russians bomb civilians at will there. There is a moral consensus in the US that it’s not our fight.

Fate will punish us for our indifference to all that suffering and it won’t take long. The tyrant Putin is being encouraged by American passivity. He does not even have much choice. With the price of oil down, Russian citizens’ fragile and modest prosperity it threatened. Russian military victories against unarmed civilians are what Putin feeds his people. For dessert, they get the completely unexpected goody of prevailing over the USA. It must taste like a small revenge after the bitter debacle of the Soviet Union, another avatar of Russian nationalism.

The stage is set for another Russian military adventure, one where an emboldened Putin, by mistake, goes on to step into an area that Americans somehow, for traditional and for sentimental reasons, feel they have to protect. American military personnel will die because we did nothing while Aleppo was being murdered. Remember, you read it here first.

Another American soldier was killed in a forgotten area of Afghanistan because he did not have enough brothers around him to be safe doing what he was doing.

A black church was recently set afire in Alabama. A slogan was written on a part of the wall that was not supposed to burn down, I suppose. It said, “Vote for Trump.” Like that. N. S. ! Some credulous fools will accept the incident, as intended. When the local police completes its investigation, the main suspect will turn out to be black. Too late; the damage will have been done.

On 11/3/16, the Wall Street Journal had a long in-depth article about the Trump family’s business interests in foreign countries. As it happens, in some cases, their local business partners are connected to, or related to, or simply know, prominent politicians. The money amounts mentioned are small for any foreign business venture. Makes you wonder why the WSJ would publish such boring tripe . I am afraid I understand the underlying logic though . One candidate has sold out to foreign interest multiple times. The other candidate MIGHT do the same through his family IF he is elected.

This is crazy, of course. I don’t know if the existence of this article results from a sort of misplaced sense of balance whereas my real mass murders are weighed against the homicide you might just commit in the future because you own a kitchen knife. I hope such silliness is the explanation. I wouldn’t swear on it. The Wall Street Journal, this flagship of conservative rationality, may have begun to tack already. It shows in its reporting on terrorism. If an unknown party explodes a car bomb at the door of a Shiite mosque during prayer time, killing 100 civilians, the Journal identifies the doers as “militants.” It’s not a slip of the pen; it’s every time. If the “militants” shout Allahu Akbar, that does not make them “Islamists.” Editorially, in the Wall Street Journal, as with the Obama administration, there is no such thing as an “Islamist terrorist.” Osama is smiling in his watery grave. (He needs a smile because he has been trying to finish that business with the 72 year-old virgin.)

Soon, I am going to be called an extremist when all I am doing is stand in place, faithful to the same old values for more than 230 years.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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