Trump Disappoints Already

I voted for Trump. I never had high expectations of Donald Trump but he has already disappointed me. All I was hoping for was that he would appoint Supreme Court Justices who believe in the Constitution and that he would inflict bruising wounds on politically correct speech. In truth, there is still an excellent chance he will accomplish the first and he did OK on the PC speech. The problem is that he also did something completely unexpected, something I had not even considered. He has quickly demonstrated a propensity to make peace. That’s wrong.

President-elect Trump has a few weeks to put pressure on the Democratic Party to purge its gangster-Clinton element completely and to eliminate many Obamanistas to mark disapproval of Pres. Obama’s failed policies. Note what I am NOT saying: I don’t call for the expulsion of the “Socialist” wing of the Demo Party, of Sanders’ followers. There probably would be no cause anyway because many will just split to rejoin Sen. Sanders who was not even a Democrat until 18 months ago. Above all, I am not calling for the destruction of the vanquished Democratic party. I believe in the two-party system and I believe in alternance in office. And there are many Democrats with whom real conservatives like me (unlike Trump who is not one) can enter into compromises. It’s just that we should not even begin to compromise with those who are notoriously bought and paid for, or too much, with those who tried too big things and failed.

I wouldn’t stop at a little pushing around of the Democratic Party. I believe in rewarding friends and punishing enemies. It’s satisfying and it encourages the place-keepers to do the right thing next time. Now, I would target Washington DC where an alliance of overpaid federal employees and black citizens marching in lockstep behind their white Democrat overseers gave Clinton 95% of their vote. D.C., the national capital, is not in the habit of making its own living as a city. It lives off federal subsidies. With Republican majorities in both houses, if I were Trump, I would work to reduce the D.C. appropriation. I am not mean-hearted so, I would not reduce them to abject poverty. I would hurt them enough so they and others noticed. Perhaps, I would hope to make buses come less often and parking fees to increase a lot.

There is another way to reach the same punitive ends, a more constructive way, but it’s too complicated. Washington DC has one of the highest school expenditures per student in the world and some of the worst school results. I wish Pres. Trump would ask Congress to decrease substantially the D.C. appropriation unless there was a legally binding promise that within three years, one of three of its students would be enrolled either in a charter school or in one of the existing hoisty-toity private schools.* (Reminder: In eight years, Pres. Obama’s daughters did not spend a single day in public school.)

With all this brave talk, I am aware of the fact that Trump did not win a big mandate. At this point, I am not sure whether he even won the popular vote. What is sure is that he did not win by a landslide. He should therefore engage in narrow but forceful action. The big paradox is that after all the drama, and after all the childish liberal melodrama that followed, it looks like under President Trump, a non-conservative, the American people are now going to get the kind of national orientation they like in general, from a center-right government.

PS Outside a disreputable bar last night, an unknown liberal with a sob in his voice made my night. He informed me confidentially that Trump was about to appoint Sarah Palin as Sec. of the Interior. What a lovely thought!

* Note for overseas readers: Washington DC schools are about 100% s racially segregated. Practically all the white students in D.C., largely children of the political class, attend private schools, paying schools.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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  1. Cesar Barrera says:

    pour voir

    • Jacques Delacroix says:

      Cesar: Thank yo but I have to have a very strong reason to spend any time with the HuffPost. If you to give me a reading, or a video assignement, you have to say why, even in a few words.

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