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I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.

Immigration and Jobs (II) – For Conservatives

A few days ago, I addressed the issue of holders of H1B visas (first mis-indentified on my FB as “HB1” ) and the common impression that foreigners coming to the US on such visas took jobs from qualified Americans. A … Continue reading

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Immigration and Jobs (I)- For Conservatives

A couple of thoughts about immigration. It seems that there is a widespread belief in the US that immigrants take jobs from Americans. It makes superficial sense if you also assume that the number of jobs to be filled is … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration: Pres. Trump’s New Measures

I can’t wait for the raging assaults by the pseudo-cultural elite and by the whiney media against Pres. Trump to stop to begin criticizing some of his decisions, as I would with any other president. I have heard and read … Continue reading

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For several years, I have had faithful readers, or at least, visitors on my blog from the Philippines. I am dying to know who they are. Please, send a private message through my email:

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Barring Entry from Seven Countries. Dear Muslim Fellow Citizens:

Pres. Trump’s executive order temporarily barring entry into the US to those coming from seven countries was a rude act.* To make things worse, it was badly implemented, causing inconvenience and even distress to a number of innocent travelers. What’s … Continue reading

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The Anti-Trump Women’s March

   The day after the inauguration of Pres. Trump, there were protests all around the country, many quite large. They were called a “Women’s March” for reasons that were never completely clear. I speculate below about the name. The media … Continue reading

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