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I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.

Apres le Massacre de Las Vegas: pour Casubolo

Apres le massacre de Las Vegas. En reponse a mon ami Andre Casubolo, avocat a Paris et defenseur des causes impopulaires, documentariste de genie et membre sans vergogne de la gauche hereditaire, qui voit un lien clairement positif entre la … Continue reading

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The Dreamers and Me

President Trump just announced that he was rolling back an Obama executive order intended to give respite to illegal immigrants brought to the US by their parents when they were minors. I know what I feel about this action. I … Continue reading

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Talking Back to the Fat Little Horror

Many have tried for a week or so to convince me that Pres. Trump should tone it down with North Korea, that he must stop threatening back. I have heard it on the radio, on TV; I have read it … Continue reading

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The Riots in Jerusalem Explained

Big, violent riots in Jerusalem (July 22-23 2017). Last week, three Arabs Muslims with Israeli nationality killed two Israeli policemen in Jerusalem. Reminder: All of Jerusalem is under the control of Israel, has been since 1967. Before that, under Jordanian … Continue reading

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“Fuck your vote!”

That’s what I have been hearing ever since the morning after the presidential election. That what I keep hearing on most cable television and on National Public Radio. That’s what I see in most of what I read, and that’s … Continue reading

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La Sortie americaine de l’Accord de Paris

Beaucoup de tumulte pour pas grand-chose. L’accord en question n’oblige personne a rien. Il permet a la Chine et a l’Inde, deux des trois plus gros pollueurs, de continuer et meme d’augmenter leur emission de CO2. Au mieux, selon les … Continue reading

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Immigration and Jobs – III – Reprise

Immigrants are superior.

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