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Legal Immigration Into the United States (Part 8): Legal Immigration in Quantitative Historical and Cross-National Perspective

Note: here is Part 7 The total number of people who became legal immigrants to the US in 2016 amounts to fewer than five per one thousand American residents (US citizens and legal immigrants already inside the country). To assess the rough … Continue reading

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Legal Immigration Into the United States (Part 7): The H-1B Visas Confusion and Controversy

[Note: Here is Appendix 1, which follows the first six parts in the series] This is the right place for a painful digression. It’s painful because it’s about a program related to immigration that is both confusing and calculated, as … Continue reading

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More on Radiations

Here is what I found on Wikipedia under “Bikini Atoll.” My showing this here does not mean I am in favor of bombarding the human body with radiations. I am just against panics in general. I am hoping to help … Continue reading

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Massive, shameless climate fraud

From “Where Did ’97 Percent’ Global Warming Consensus Figure Come From?” in the Daily Caller: “Ninety-seven percent of scientists, including, by the way, some who originally disputed the data, have now put that to rest,” President Obama said last year … Continue reading

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Rational Ignorance, Fairy Dust and Pissing Away the Future: Libertarians are Selfish and Stupid

Note: I did nothing to re-post or stop the re-posting of this old thing on my blog. It got to the head of my (short ) list today without any intervention from me. Its author is an adept engineer of … Continue reading

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Climate Change Worse (no Matter How you Look at it)

In some places, it’s much warmer than usual. That’s so many instances of climate change, of course. I some places, it’s much colder than usual. That’s also evidence of climate change. Good technical article in the Wall Street Journal of   … Continue reading

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Feedback from a Reader of this Blog and Responses

Below is rich feedback from a reader of this blog and one-time listener to my Sunday radio show (“Facts Matter” on KSCO Santa Cruz, 1080 AM, every Sunday 11am to 1pm). I reproduce it here without change by permission, in … Continue reading

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