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  1. Sergio Santana says:

    Hello Jacques,

    I am a fairly new listener to your “Facts Matter” program. I became hooked after one program. Your attention to facts is refreshing and I, like you, believe that maintaining this view does make one more conservitive. Not only are your program and blogs very informative I also get some very good laughs. I am also very impressed with your physical might. The way you “owned” that liberal in that arm wrestling match FIVE TIMES IN A ROW tickled me greatly. Booyabase!

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Readers of this blog may not know that I have a weekly radio program, “Facts Matter,” Sunday 11Am-1Pm on KSCO 1080 AM.
      Sergio: I like the flattery but facts matter. So here is an important correction: A self-declared Santa Cruz liberal made the mistake of challenging me to a duel on the air. I chose arm wrestling. Our seconds agreed to a two-out- of- three match. Of course, after three losses, his seconds – with typical liberal bad faith – found some reasons to ask for a cancellation of the initial, valid results. The final score was six out of six. A collection was taken and I, the winner, turned $62 over to Doctors Without Borders. That was good but my victory left me dissatisfied. The challenger was the bravest liberal in Santa Cruz since he identified himself; however, and although he is ten years younger than I, he is slight of stature. I believe I can arm-wrestle into tears any liberal of any size as long as I can have ten minutes in public with him (or her) to make his (or her) yellow liver shrink with the anticipation of terror. I would really like to arm-wrestle three liberal feminist women at once.

  2. J From Salinas says:

    I called into the show on Sunday 12/6. I brought up the FACT that China is outspending the US in green tech investment. A wise man might conclude from this that since the US’s biggest economic competitor is making such investments than shouldn’t the US?


    Just one in dozens of stories on the net articulating the effort China is making to meet its energy needs through alternative energy sources. Your argument that China needs to do get into alternative energy sources do to a lack of natural recourses seems reasonable but not complete. China wants to use green tech because it will lead to cheaper manufacturing and energy independence. If China achieves energy independence due to green energy and perfects a green tech based energy delivery system (likely given its recent ability to perform), the US will be at a severe economic and security disadvantage. If you cannot see this point I can only assume shortsightedness, a delusion, or some sort of shill for nuclear or petrochemical industry on your part.

    Such investment would create the jobs we need, an infrastructure that will require workers long into the future; there is plenty of data to support this idea. We need only look to China yet again.

    The fact that you your provincial mind cannot fathom successful green technology equaling and surpassing the efficiency fossil fuel energy only serves to prove the world and the US we be so much better off AFTER the paradigm of your generation has shifted once and for all to wiser, more pragmatic, thinkers.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      This is in response to “J” from Salinas, a caller on my radio show: “Facts Matter” Sundays 11am to 1 pm on KSCO Santa Cruz 1080 AM.
      J: My “provincial mind” can imagine that green technology would surpass carbon-based technology sometimes, somewhere. It’s not that hard to imagine because nuclear technology already surpasses carbon-based technologies in all respects. “Green technology,” whatever that is, would become more persuasive if its proponents were not constantly trying to dig into my pockets to support them. I am talking about tax-credits and other government subsidies, of course. When it’s efficient, we will know it because the market will adopt it, without government help, or forcefulness, or violation of my freedom.

      I did not warm up to your question on the air because it sounded to me as if it were based on the false premise that countries “compete” economically. To make a long story short, that’s simply mostly false.

  3. Jeremy Perkins says:

    “This a missile of ElectroMagnetic energy called a Whistler mode plasma wave ~ it forms in the ionosphere above lightning, high-powered VLF transmitters.. and PowerLines.. yes.. from our power grid.

    These missiles of energy can self amplify ~ forming coherent beams of energy in the upper atmosphere.

    These aren’t Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) from satellites.. they are a byproduct of humans increased use of power grid technology.

    In some cases such as in China.. these missiles from the power grid interact with those from the largest VLF Transmitter in the world.. in Australia.

    Coherent ducts form between the North and South hemispheres.. and these missiles will fly back and forth.

    This may also be happening with the West Coast power grid ~ as these missiles bounce back from the middle of the ocean in the South Pacific ~ back to the West Coast power grid.

    This is not a conspiracy theory.. or wild speculations.. this is peer reviewed scientific research from modern satellites than can and do detect this activity.

    This information is available to anybody and physicists are avidly researching this topic to understand how it works and to mitigate potential problems that may arise from our increasing use of broadcast and power grid technology.

    If people want to raise awareness ~ why don’t we put as much WTF!? efforts into THIS as we do with DEWs.

    Please share ❤️
    ~ ~ ~

    The NWC 1000kW VLF Transmitter in Australia reacting with the Chinese power grid, stimulating a known ozone depletion mechanism and have long term impacts on weather and climate!

    ~ ~ ~

    Influences of radiation from terrestrial power sources on the ionosphere above China based on satellite observation – 2019:

    “The environmental effect on the ionosphere caused by man-made power line emission (PLE) and power line harmonic radiation (PLHR) a recognized man-made pollutant in near-Earth space has become an increasing concern.

    They may interact with particles and other natural or man-made waves, causing wave growths, triggering emissions and electron precipitations [EEP], altering the states of the ionosphere.

    Based on the observed data of 6.5 operating years of DEMETER satellite, by scanning the electric field power density time-frequency spectrograms, 133 PLHR events with central frequencies from 500 Hz to 4.5 kHz are detected in the near-Earth space above China. The fundamental frequency related well to the frequency of corresponding ground power system.

    Among the 133 events, 129 events have PLE events at the base power system frequency (50 Hz in China). As the same with PLHR, PLE is also propagating in whistler mode in the ionosphere.

    In two events that are detected in the conjugate region of Australian NWC VLF transmitter, radiations with line structure in the vicinity of 19.8 kHz are detected, suggesting a possible interaction between the NWC signal and radiation from China’s power system.” 👈😲


    ~ ~ ~ EEP-NOx: Energetic Electron Precipitation & Ozone

    Ozone depletion driving climate change in Southern Hemisphere!

    “Ozone depletion in the stratosphere continues to affect not only ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels at the Earth’s surface but also climate in the Southern Hemisphere, an international study reports.

    While ozone depletion has long been known to increase harmful UV radiation at the Earth’s surface, its effect on climate has only recently become evident.”


    ~ ~ ~ ~ #tiperNOx

    Been reading your book and remembering our conversation years ago.

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