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Blaming the Victim

A White House secretary whose name no one knew a week ago resigns. He is accused of wife beating. It’s Pres. Trump’s fault, of course. The accusers are two ex-wives. That’s a first, I guess, I mean this joint effort. … Continue reading

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Dear Millenials:

Many of you seem to prepare to vote for Mrs Clinton in spite of what she and her allies did to the once promising candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. It seems also that accumulating evidence of her corruption has little effect … Continue reading

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Stupid Conservatives!

by Jacques Delacroix, PhD Sunday afternoon, as I was driving from the harbor, I was listening to National Public Radio. (Yes, I am a kind of hero, that way; I do what needs to be done even if it’s repugnant.) … Continue reading

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Fascism in America

 This is a bit of a partial recycle. Don’t mind it, please. In a preceding essay about Donald Trump’s grossness, I went over the ambiguities of unwanted sexual advances. (I only considered unwanted sexual advances toward women. If I considered … Continue reading

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Trump; The Small Things Will Trip You!

More amalgam. The media lynching of Donald Trump amplifies. Women who say they have been (lightly) sexually assaulted by Mr Trump keep coming out. Of course, not one of them refers to a recent alleged event. Makes you wonder where … Continue reading

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