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The Islamic Enlightenment: A Critical Review of De Bellaigue

A personalized critical review of: De Bellaigue, Christopher. (2017) The Islamic Enlightenment: The Struggle Between Faith and Reason 1798 to Modern Times. Liveright Publishing Corporation (Norton & Company) New York, London. In 1798, in view of the Pyramids, a French … Continue reading

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Fascism in America

 This is a bit of a partial recycle. Don’t mind it, please. In a preceding essay about Donald Trump’s grossness, I went over the ambiguities of unwanted sexual advances. (I only considered unwanted sexual advances toward women. If I considered … Continue reading

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Facts vs Narrative: American Peronismo

Anyone who has written anything other than an accident report, maybe even only three letters to his mother, knows or guesses the following: facts often interfere with the quality of a narrative. Only very great writers manage to incorporate all … Continue reading

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Democrat Incompetence and Mendacity, in Nine Points

President Obama, during his first campaign, declared forcefully and clearly that he would close Guantanamo Bay prison within a year. There was no qualifications, no “ifs” and “buts;” it was a simple straightforward and forceful declaration of intention. It’s been … Continue reading

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Ukraine: The Diplomatic Solution; the Conservative Blessing in Obamacare!

There is a distinct preference out there, for solving our differences of opinion with the Putin gangster state “through diplomacy.” An elementary explanation is sadly in order here. Diplomacy refers to one party explaining to the other with polite words … Continue reading

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The IRS Crimes: a Gift from Providence to Libertarians

Anyone who has libertarian sentiments, in the Libertarian Party or outside of it, in the Republican Party, or elsewhere; anyone who sees himself as supporting the non-existent, imaginary “Tea Party,” is familiar with the difficulty of explaining even basic libertarian … Continue reading

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Fascist Political Action Summarized

Attempts to impose rule from above. Government control of large business and manufacturing organizations. Quasi-religious cult of personality. Initiatives to muffle the opposition. Denial of moral legitimacy to opponents. Reliance on goons to intimidate adversaries. Use – under various names … Continue reading

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