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The Yellow Vests: Update

In the ninth weekend of demonstrations, the politics of envy seem to dominate. (Soak the rich again!) The Government must give us more money. Lower some taxes but impose or re-impose others especially the former tax on wealth. Far behind: … Continue reading

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Legal Immigration Into the United States (Part 15): The Indisputable, Obvious, Innate Superiority of Immigrants

Note: Here is Part 14 The costs immigrants impose on the host society are easier to assess than the benefits they bring it. The confusion of much American public opinion on the left also paradoxically interferes with this assessment. It … Continue reading

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From Petty Crime to Terrorism

I grew up in France. I know the French language inside out. I follow the French media. In that country, France, people with a Muslim first name are 5% or maybe, 7% of the population. No one estimates that they … Continue reading

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Gun Control Works Just Fine in France

In semi rural Normandy, in France, a Catholic mass is interrupted by two young men who speak Arabic among themselves. They force the aged priest to kneel. They demand that some of the faithful present video the next scene. Then … Continue reading

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SocialismS – Part One

Sanders and Me and not so Democratic Socialism Sen. Sanders got a huge pass this primary season. Captivated by the deep dishonesty of one probable nominee and the crude ignorance of the other (not to mention his plain crudeness), the … Continue reading

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End of Year in France: Perspective

Following even distantly the press of another country is a healthy habit on several counts. (One of those is that it’s a good reason to learn a foreign language well.) For me, the French media give me perspective with respect … Continue reading

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New Essay in “Liberty Unbound”

Read my essay on violent jihad in France on the libertarian site Liberty Unbound: “Religious Bric-à-Brac and Tolerance of Violent Jihad.”

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