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Stupid Conservatives!

by Jacques Delacroix, PhD Sunday afternoon, as I was driving from the harbor, I was listening to National Public Radio. (Yes, I am a kind of hero, that way; I do what needs to be done even if it’s repugnant.) … Continue reading

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Fascism in America

 This is a bit of a partial recycle. Don’t mind it, please. In a preceding essay about Donald Trump’s grossness, I went over the ambiguities of unwanted sexual advances. (I only considered unwanted sexual advances toward women. If I considered … Continue reading

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Words and Deeds of Trump the Horrible

  I spent yesterday, Monday October 10th 2016 listening in horrified fascination to the mass media creating a crude amalgam of Trump’s sins in the so-called video, yes, that old video. Nearly all, the media including, I am afraid the … Continue reading

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Mrs Bill Clinton Breaks the Glass Ceiling!

Women manage (and mismanage) some of the largest US corporations. There are female four-star generals. American women even just won the right (lamentably) to be eviscerated and un-limbed on the front lines along with their male counterparts.* In recent years, … Continue reading

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