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Awareness of Racism and Singing to the Choir

In the past few months, I have been exposed to more works by African Americans and to more documents about the black condition in America than usual. So far, I haven’t learned anything really new, perhaps because I am a … Continue reading

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The Great American Racial Awakening (Part Two): “Get over it!”

For most of my fifty-plus years living in this country, I have thought that white Americans have not digested the facts of slavery beyond the most basic level. I think they have avoided emoting about them and also about the … Continue reading

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Three Roads to Racism

Are you a racist? Anyone can feel free to answer this question any way it/she/he wishes; they wish. And that’s the problem. In this short essay, I aim first to do a little vocabulary house-keeping. Second, I try to trace … Continue reading

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White Supremacists

“White supremacy” has become a central part of the left’s narrative. In an hour and a half of casual news watching on television in early October 2017, for example, I heard three references to white supremacy. That’s more than I … Continue reading

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Facts vs Narrative: American Peronismo

Anyone who has written anything other than an accident report, maybe even only three letters to his mother, knows or guesses the following: facts often interfere with the quality of a narrative. Only very great writers manage to incorporate all … Continue reading

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Le racisme americain

Hier, Dimanche le 5 Fevrier, on a assiste a une manifestation typique de racisme americain. A l’occasion du plus grand evenement sportif de l’annee (le “Superbowl”), plusieurs dizaines de gladiateurs millionaires se sont heurtes violemment devant un public assoife de … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Won’t Get My Vote

My low-level research on Ron Paul has paralleled his rise in the polls. What I have done is to give a number of opportunities to people who I know favor his candidacy and to people and organizations who I think … Continue reading

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Immigration: More on Conservative, Liberal Ignorance

I have heard conservative radio talk-show callers express indignation at immigrants who don’t “become American citizens,” as if it showed ill-will on the part of the immigrants, or lack of love for America. These calls demonstrate a basic lack of … Continue reading

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Pure Racism and Chinese Dining

There are several kinds of racism. The roots and the dynamics of racism are among the most interesting sociological issues. Here is a small but important fragment of the whole matter. The most common kind of racism involves three separate … Continue reading

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Sotomayor, Semi-Literate; Obama and Competence.

Judge Sotomayor is only a small part of the disaster but a symbolic one. With an activist liberal President commanding absolute majorities of course, we would have had a liberal appointment to the Supreme Court. Could have been worse than … Continue reading

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