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West Coast Hillbillies

    Also posted on Notes on Liberty A long time ago, after moving from San Francisco, I bought a beautiful Labrador puppy from a woman named Brigid Blodgett, in the hills above Santa Cruz California. (I think she won’t … Continue reading

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Memorial Day in the Days of Trump

  It disturbs me that in my area of the Central Coast of California, Memorial Day is almost entirely a beach day, a sailing day, a fishing day, and a barbecue day. There is little here to mark the day … Continue reading

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Socialisms – Part Two

  Sweden’s Imaginary Socialism as a Non-Model Part One of this essay was posted a couple of days ago. In it, I reviewed briefly several avatars and zombies of socialism vaguely defined. I arrived at the conclusion that when Sen. … Continue reading

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Sweet Skateboard Tales

The words “skateboard” and “sweet” are seldom found together. Skateboarders tend to have a bad reputation because they are mostly male, because they act too male, and because of their lamentable fashion sense. Yet, many or most are both athletes … Continue reading

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Government Wisdom and Collectivism Revisited

This is a political science essay about public toilets. Family obligations as well as my inclination cause me to spend four hours each weekday afternoon on a well known Santa Cruz beach. It’s Cowell Beach about which I wrote about … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities (in Santa Cruz, California, USA)

There is a Veterans Hall right downtown Santa Cruz. It’s called “Veterans Memorial,”  says so on its facade. It’s next door to the US Post Office and  across the street from a marble monument to those children of the county … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment: a Scandalous Re-Telling of an Old Story (updated)

This is a longish essay. You may want to pour yourself a drink, as I may have already said. It’s 11:30 am. A young woman leaves the Post Office hurriedly. She manages to fix her lipstick as she crosses the … Continue reading

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