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Blaming the Victim

A White House secretary whose name no one knew a week ago resigns. He is accused of wife beating. It’s Pres. Trump’s fault, of course. The accusers are two ex-wives. That’s a first, I guess, I mean this joint effort. … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment: a Scandalous Re-Telling of an Old Story (updated)

This is a longish essay. You may want to pour yourself a drink, as I may have already said. It’s 11:30 am. A young woman leaves the Post Office hurriedly. She manages to fix her lipstick as she crosses the … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Rice Slaughtered on the Bloody Altar of Silly Feminism

I was hoping discussion of young Mr Rice, the good footballer (Note to overseas reader: we are talking here about American football) and of his wife, Mrs Rice, would be gone by now. In fact I can’t escape these “news” … Continue reading

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Forty years after the launch of feminism

   On Halloween afternoon I was downtown Santa Cruz on a candy expedition, escorting my grand-daughter the delightful M., five. M., a brown-skinned child, was Rapunzel. She was wearing a purple sequined dress with a petty-coat showing its pale blue … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day: Feminists’ Shame

If I did not believe he is a man-child, I would think Pres. Obama was cynical in his declaration of a couple of days ago. He stated that the Egyptian people were an “inspiration” to Americans. Inspirations to what, a … Continue reading

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The Fat Women and Bill O’Reilly

I was going to leave behind that storm in the tea-cup but it won’t go away. It’s there, on the TV, in front of me every time I go to the gym. Besides, it may have a cultural meaning, or … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts: A Bribe; Rush Limbaugh caught; Women’s Continued Inferiority; Global Warming Consensus at Last.

I am getting back, one month at a time, a little of the money the federal government confiscated from me throughout my working life. I am talking about Social Security, of course. This year, like last year, there will be … Continue reading

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